Louhans market

To this day, the weekly market of Louhans remains one of the largest markets in France. It brings together more than 200 street vendors. On Mondays, especially Easter and Whitsun, when the market is held all day, more than 15,000 visitors attend.
It is the agricultural market (place de La Charité) that has allowed this Monday morning event to keep its particular character and to attract more and more people: professional poulterers, cages and small private breeders (ducks, pigeons, rabbits, ornamental birds and pets) are all present.
The stands dedicated to ready-to-eat Bresse poultry are located under the
Covered hall, created in 2006.
In other parts of the city you will find butchers, butchers, cheese makers, beekeepers, market gardeners, but also sellers of clothes, shoes, leather goods, hats, hardware ……
You will have understood, nothing is missing!

Photo Credit: With the kind permission of the tourist office of the Bresse bourguignonne country.

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